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We work with you.

To increase the value ↗

of your business.

We founded Umania in 2008 as a consultancy specialised in industrial design and ergonomics.


From our very beginning we chose to set up headquarters in Bergamo’s Science and Technology Park, Kilometro Rosso, of which we are official partners.


In 2012, following requests from some of our most important clients to go beyond the services we were already providing, we decided to evolve the way in which we work.


They wanted to be supported by teams of professionals, not just designers and ergonomists, to help them meet, and indeed, anticipate the expectations of an ever more demanding market.

Recent studies* confirm that innovation is favoured when internal and external knowledge are able to combine and complement each other. This is not only the case for large corporates and multinationals, but also true for small and medium enterprises and for sectors with even a medium to low technology penetration.


It’s for these reasons that in Umania we have given ourselves a very clear objective: to optimise the sharing of our knowledge in order to help your company evolve.

→ Concrete results.

* Chesbrough and Crowther 2006; Huston and Sakkab 2006; BusinessWeek 2008; Enkel et al. 2009.

Our manifesto is so simple

that it can be expressed in 

three words 

→ Knowledge

→ Sharing

→ Improvement

Through the application of Umania’s

methodologies, external knowledge 

can be shared with your company 

quickly and effectively to generate 

lasting improvement with a visible 

impact on your market.